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When A Pipe Brakes SERVPRO Is There For You

6/6/2022 (Permalink)

water flooded home When water damage occurs, call the professionals at SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor South to restore your property "Like it never even happened."

When you have a water line break in your home it can take a matter of seconds to flood your basement or crawl space. The longer that the water is left running unchecked the more likely your home will have significant damage – and it can often take several minutes to simply figure out how to shut off the supply. Now you have standing water in and under your home. What is your next step?

Water Extraction and Drying Out

When emergencies like this happen it can be easy to panic, that's why your first step should be a call to SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor.  We are here to help you when the unexpected happens. Our professional water extraction tools and our trained technicians are available to help you 24/7.  We will work with you to create a restoration plan. We can safely remove all of the standing water quickly, no matter the size and scope of the problem. Once the water is removed we will use our state-of-the-art technology to dry out the property. While time would dry it out on its own, the longer water sits there, the more likely it is for mold to grow. Our state-of-the-art technology will speed up this process safely and get your home dry as soon as possible.

What Happens Then?

Our team will help you every step of the way, including helping you sanitize your home after all water-damaged debris is removed. In some cases, mold remediation is needed to ensure that these surfaces are properly cleaned and all the mold removed. Our team will ensure this is done properly for you.

When damage like a broken water pipe happens you do not have to deal with it on your own. Instead, allow our team at  SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor South to do the cleanup work for you. Give us a call anytime for immediate help.  You can reach us 24/7 at (727) 793-1333.

When You Need Help SERVPRO of Dunedin Is There For You

3/23/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO team standing together When you need help SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor South is there with the equipment and experience to handle it.

When severe home damage occurs it can be a devastating problem to deal with. When you find yourself in need of restoration services, SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor South is ready to help. What sets this team apart from the rest? Here is what you can expect when you hire an outstanding company like SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor South:

We Are There For You With 24 Hour Emergency Services

Disasters and storms happen without a warning, often resulting in unexpected damage to your property at the worst times. If you have residential or commercial properties, you can count on the team at SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor South to be there when you need us, even when the problem happens on a weekend or at 3 a.m.

We Have A Quick Response Time

Everyone knows restoring your home or business to preloss condition is a race against time. Skilled and trained restoration contractors know how to salvage and restore many of your belongings and assets to their pre-damaged state. With our specialized tools and advanced restoration as well as cleaning equipment, we help families return to their homes quickly.

We Are Highly Trained and Experienced Technicians

Our team is comprised of trained technicians. Our years of experience have led to continued growth in our skills and expertise. Our ongoing training and IICRC certifications mean that we are up-to-date and knowledgeable in all the most effective restoration techniques. That, along with the latest advances in equipment, means that our team is ready and able to provide you with the restoration and cleaning assistance you need.

We Are Locally Owned and Run

We are proud of the fact that SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor South is a local business. Our company is a member of a network, that allows us access to a lot of resources and materials for restoration solutions. With this network, we are able to provide even more accurate, faster, and better response services.  

If you ever find yourself in need of a restoration company, your first choice should be SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor South. 

We are available to take your call 24/7 at (727) 793-1333

What To Do When You Spring A Leak In Your Palm Harbor Home

3/20/2022 (Permalink)

flooded living room When leaks happen call our expert team at (727) 793-1333 and allow us to leave your home “Like nothing ever happened.”

When You Have Water Damage It’s Time To Call A Professional Water Cleanup Service

Water can quickly do a lot of damage to a home. When a leak occurs in your Palm Harbor home, you should pay close attention and address it right away. Even if it seems small, water can sink deep into floors and walls quickly. If you think you have a leak or you see water in an unexpected place let an expert team verify how deep into your home the water travels. Our company can offer the latest in technology to detect water hiding throughout your house. We follow an assessment with a complete plan focused on removing water and correcting the humidity level of your home.

When you live in Palm Harbor, address any water damage with our expert staff at SERVPRO. We have years of experience and formal education in matters of water restoration. We understand what it takes to clean up your home after water leaks into it. Call our 24/7 hotline, it serves as the most important conduit to professional help your time of emergency.

What is water extraction?

Water extraction goes beyond just removing water from your home. Successful water extraction requires understanding what the average humidity levels are for your home and each of its elements. It also requires knowing how water can affect different surfaces depending on their composition. Our team knows which cleaning solutions and techniques to use to avoid further damage to your home, including deodorizing and disinfecting. Here is some of the equipment we may use in your home:

  •   Air movers to improve air circulation and evaporation
  •   Air scrubbers to rid your home of any unpleasant odors left behind
  •   Wand extractors to complement the work of submersible and truck-mounted pumps designed to remove larger volumes of water

Regardless of the size of your water damage SERVPRO of Dunedin / Palm Harbor South is here to help. Call our expert team at (727) 793-1333 and let us leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

5 Major Steps for Fire Restoration

3/16/2022 (Permalink)

House on fire Residential fires can be devastating. SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor South have the experience to restore your home quickly.

There are several steps involved when your property needs restoration from fire and smoke damage. The team at SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor South will begin with an assessment, the removal of your belongings, and the cleanup of the debris. Once those steps are complete they will move on to the structural repairs. Here’s what you can expect:

1. Secure the Foundation

The first step is to secure the foundation. The team will assess and then secure the foundation to make sure the structure is safe to enter. Never rely on an ‘eyeball test’, hire pros to check for potential danger from weakened trusses, floor joists, etc. 

2. Clean and Remove Soot

The next step is to clean and remove soot and smoke damage. Don’t tackle the smoke and soot on your own. Smoke and soot leave stains behind and it takes specialized techniques to clean and neutralize them and prevent them from making the damage worse. 

3. Moisture Control

Due to the amount of water used to put out the fire moisture can be a real problem. Pumping and airing out the moisture is an essential step in the cleanup process. With expert assistance, you can prevent mold growth and rot. Our team has specialized equipment to dry out your home and prepare it for the repairs it needs. 

4. Perform the Repairs

When it comes to your home and belongings it's important that the repairs are done right away. The longer your items are left exposed to the soot and smoke the harder it may be to restore them. If you don’t start making repairs on the building itself you may end up needing more work done like mold removal or rot. Make sure that you talk to the restoration firm to learn more about the restoration timeline and any of the workaround solutions they offer.

5. Do the Renovation

Due to extensive fire, smoke, and soot damage, a lot of people opt for a complete renovation. Talk to the restoration firm about your situation and the best solution. Experienced restoration contractors know when property owners like you are much better off going for a total renovation. 

The IICRC certified team at SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor South has experience in fire and smoke damage restoration and renovation. 

You can call them anytime 24/7 for a quick response to your emergency. Just call (727) 793-1333.

How SERVPRO of Dunedin Can Help You After A Storm

3/16/2022 (Permalink)

a Caution sign with rain in the background Don't let storms and moisture ruin you home. Contact SERVPRO right away.

What's the Difference Between A Broken Pipe and Storm Water?

There is a risk with any water in Palm Harbor homes. The biggest difference between a broken pipe and stormwater is that storm flooding contains soil and other contaminants. These contaminants, if left untreated, can stain property and make carpets so unclean that they can’t be restored or used again. Quick removal and cleaning can restore much of a home's carpets and furniture to their pre-flood condition. 

What Are The First Steps When Dealing With Storm Water Damage?

The first thing our specialists’ do when cleaning Palm harbor flood damage is to spray an anti-bacterial agent over the water and affected surfaces. This reduces the risk of sickness to anyone that steps into the water or removes the contaminated property from the water and takes it to a dry location. They then follow up with these actions and equipment:

  • Specialists use pumps and other extraction devices to pull out any standing water or water trapped in carpets and floorboards. Doing this reduces any additional damage while also making carpet removal far easier. 
  • They then use additional anti-bacterial cleaners with sponges. They use cloths to clean and disinfect affected surfaces. For items, such as upholstered property, they have the option of using injectors to apply a cleaner to spots where the flooding reached. They will also use foggers to generate a cloud of cleaning particles that penetrate deeply to eliminate contaminants and any odors they can leave behind. 

How Do They Know It’s Dry Enough?

Our technicians use Moisture Meters calibrated for the type of property they are inspecting. As an example, a gypsum wall panel with too much moisture can give a reading at 40 points, which is too high to allow for natural evaporation before it begins to crack and crumble. Technicians use a combination of fans and air movers, along with regular checks, to bring the number down to an acceptable 12 points. 

At SERVPRO of Dunedin / Palm Harbor, We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. To schedule a service call, you can contact our office today at (727) 793-1333. 

Fire Damage? Call the Professoinals!

3/15/2022 (Permalink)

kitchen damaged by fire The professionals at SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor South can handle even the most extensive fire and smoke damage.

How We Handle Fire Damage

When dealing with fire damage it’s not only about restoring your furnishings and items that have been burned, it’s also about restoring the structural components of the home such as studs, floor joists, and roof trusses. Also, things such as electrical wiring and plumbing repairs may also need to be addressed and repaired.  Restoring the structural integrity of the home is our first priority.

Dealing With Smoke Damage

When you have fire damage in your home or business, the restoration process nearly always involves smoke damage care. This care may include cleaning surfaces, cleaning and sanitizing the HVAC system, and painting rooms to lock out the scent of the smoke. There can also be a good deal of discoloration on surfaces that will also need to be taken care of professionally to restore the property.

Preventing Moisture Damage

Water damage in the home can quickly lead to mold and rot. It is important to make sure that you are getting the moisture removed as soon as possible. As part of the clean-up and restoration of your building, we remove all wet surfaces, including damaged drywall and flooring, if necessary. Once this is done, those surfaces are cleaned properly and treatments are done to prevent mold growth.

Our Team Is Dedicated to Restoring Your Home

Getting your home to pre-fire condition is a complex process, but the team at SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor South can help you. Give our team a call to learn more about the work we do in fire damage restoration. 

We are here for you 24-hours a day. Just call 727-793-1333.

5 Things To Ask about and Look For When Hiring A Restoration firm For Your Commercial Property Damage Restoration

3/9/2022 (Permalink)

Man shaking hands with a SERVPRO tech SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor South will handle all your commercial restoration needs no matter what kind of damage your business has sustained.

When hiring a restoration firm after experiencing water or fire damage it is important to make sure you're hiring the right commercial restoration firm. Finding a commercial restoration firm can be difficult, so here are 5 things to look for and consider when hiring a restoration team for your commercial business. 

Experience / Licensed 

The first thing to look for when you are searching for cleaning and restoration services for your commercial properties is to check to see if they have a history of successful projects. You should also look for companies that are IICRC (Institute of inspection, cleaning, and restoration certification) certified. IICRC is the organization that sets all rigorous standards for the cleaning and restoration industry. Having a firm that is IICRC certified will give you peace of mind knowing they are the best qualified to restore your commercial property. If the firm you are considering is IICRC certified you are on the right track.


The second thing to look for is how capable and well trained is the firm and its staff? A professional restoration service should have many years of experience with commercial buildings and understand what restoring a commercial building will entail. They should have an established process to ensure that the restoration is done correctly and that the building is returned to preloss condition. Always ask the firm about the plan for your restoration as well as how the crew intends to get started, and more.


The third thing to ask about is what kind of equipment they have. Having the right tools and equipment can make the difference between a fast and slow restoration. That’s something you’ll want to be certain of when you hire a crew for the project. The team at SERVPRO of Dunedin and Palm Harbor South maintains the very latest in equipment and technology to make sure your project goes quickly and efficiently. Feel free to ask your technician about the tools and equipment they will use to quickly get your business back up and running. 


The fourth thing is to ask when you are looking for a restoration firm is, how long will it take? You'll want to find a firm that understands why a business needs to get the work done quickly and correctly so that you can reopen your business and start to generate revenue again. This is one of the many reasons so many people in Dunedin and Palm Harbor trust SERVPRO. They have proven processes and the latest equipment to make sure your restoration happens quickly and efficiently so you can get back to doing what you do best--running your business!

Services and Care

Lastly, what is the extent of the services you can expect? Do you have requests that aren’t included in the package? The firm you hire should be able to handle your entire restoration project. No matter what your restoration calls for it's important to only use one firm.  You don't want to have to go looking for a separate company to complete portions of your restoration that your main firm can't handle. 

When looking for a restoration and cleaning resource SERVPRO of Dunedin and Palm Harbor South has your back. No matter what kind of property damage your business has suffered, their IICRC certified professionals can handle it completely and quickly for you. They are ready to take your call 24/7 at (727) 793-1333

What To Look For When Hiring A Restoration Firm for Your Commercial Property Damage Restoration

3/8/2022 (Permalink)

apartment hallway with drying fans This apartment/condo complex experienced heavy water damage when the water line in a unit broke when the resident was out of town.

When water damage emergencies happen at your business, it is critical for you to get in touch with responsible professionals who can help restore, rebuild and reopen your business quickly. There is a lot of work to be done, and many things need to be done in a very specific way if you are to minimize damage and restore your property quickly, and efficiently. Our team at SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor South has the tools and resources to help you every step of the way.

Are They Licensed?

When choosing a company to handle this type of work, you want to be sure they are fully licensed to do the work for you. This means they should be a licensed general contractor for residential or commercial projects, depending on what your needs are.

Can They Do It All?

When you have extensive damage to repair you need a team that can do it all. Whether it is water damage, fire damage, storms, or floods, you want a team that can take care of you, instead of bringing in various contractors for each portion of the job. Your Team should be able to help you completely restore all damage properly, to ensure there is no risk to your property, employees, or customers after you reopen. 

Are They Sensitive to Your Need to Reopen?

At SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor South, we do it all for you. We have the most experienced and highly-trained technicians available and use the latest specialized equipment to do the work. We understand how important it is for your business to reopen quickly. We do everything possible to minimize the loss of revenue from your business while it’s closed to your customers by working quickly and efficiently. 

If you have any type of damage to your commercial property, call us anytime 24/7 at 727-793-1333.

Let The Pros Restore Your Belongings After a Fire

3/1/2022 (Permalink)

Home interior with fire damage SERVPRO Dunedin/Palm Harbor South can carefully restore many of your belongings even after extensive fire damage.

Numerous tasks make up the restoration process in Palm Harbor homes after a fire loss incident.  Because effects like soot and odors can spread almost continually without intervention from restoration technicians like our SERVPRO team, the contents of your house are at a higher risk for irreversible damages.

Content management is one of the unique offerings we provide during fire damage restoration in Palm Harbor homes. This entire process is devoted exclusively to protecting your personal belongings, furniture, and other contents from migrating effects like soot, odors, smoke residues, and other threats. We have in-house strategies that begin with relocating your possessions to an untouched area of the home. When combined with surface cleaning techniques, deodorizing, and other corrective actions, we can recover many items without off-site strategies.

Is Pack-Out the Best Option for Your Belongings?

When damages are too considerable for on-site recovery options, we rely on the pack-out procedure. This technique carefully relocates your belongings to our nearby SERVPRO facility. We can return your belongings to their original condition through focused attention and restoration techniques in most cases. While there are dozens of techniques and technologies at work in our warehouse to recover your belongings, fire-damaged contents can benefit from:

  • Ozone Chamber for Deodorization of Multiple Items
  • Ultrasonic Submersion Tank for Soot Removal
  • Advanced Drying Techniques for Water-Damaged Materials
  • Safe, Climate-Controlled Storage of Your Belongings

Despite how damaging a fire loss can be, our SERVPRO of Dunedin / Palm Harbor South team can help to protect the things that matter most with content management solutions and the full restoration and reconstruction of your home as necessary. Give us a call anytime 24/7 at (727) 793-1333.

Trust SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor South for Professional Mold Monitoring and Remediation

2/7/2022 (Permalink)

A condo in Palm Harbor is an excellent piece of real estate. The area offers plenty of amenities and retains a small-town vibe while providing reasonable access to bigger shopping areas, golf courses, and places to eat. Residents of the area want to take good care of their buildings – and that includes dealing with mold as soon as they spot it.

If you are looking for mold remediation in a condo in Palm Harbor, it is vital to choose a company that monitors the remediation process and does not rely on sight alone. SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor South is here for you. Our technicians are trained and certified in the best monitoring and remediation techniques.

Does monitoring mean identifying the mold species?

It is a common misconception that mold monitoring means identifying the species of mold. In many cases, identifying the specific type of mold is not necessary. The remediation process is the same regardless of species. However, if the mold growth is out of control, there might be a need for mold testing to determine which species are present. 

What does SERVPRO of Dunedin/Palm Harbor South monitor?

During mold remediation, we monitor:

  • The amount of moisture present in the area, including walls, baseboards, carpets, and floors
  • The extent of moisture present in building materials
  • The humidity of the air

We take these readings before we begin mold cleanup, and repeat them as necessary throughout the remediation process. We retake them at the end to make sure the moisture and humidity are at optimum levels to prevent mold regrowth.

Why is monitoring critical?

Sight alone does not tell us if remediation is complete. Looking at the area can only tell us whether we have dealt with visible mold growth. Monitoring is vital because:

  • There may be moisture in hidden places such as inside walls or under carpets, which provides an unseen breeding ground for spores
  • If we do not reduce moisture, the mold spores will be able to form new colonies
  • If the area is too humid, there is a greater risk of the mold returning

Monitoring gives us accurate data that we can use to draw up a personalized mold cleaning plan that suits your condo. We use the figures from monitoring to decide:

  • How and where to set up containment
  • How many fans and dehumidifiers to use for drying, and where to position them
  • Whether we need to investigate moisture behind baseboards, inside walls, or in storage areas and crawl spaces

What equipment does SERVPRO use?

SERVPRO of Dunedin / Palm Harbour South technicians bring a range of powerful monitoring equipment for every job.

Moisture sensors detect moisture in carpets and padding and let us know whether there is moisture on the subfloor. Moisture sensors are useful if you have mold in a carpeted area, or if you already know the carpet has suffered a spill or leak.

Moisture meters measure the amount of moisture present in a specific material. Some meters are ready-calibrated to a particular material such as wood or drywall, while others are adjustable for different materials. We use penetrating moisture meters, where it is safe to do so. In situations where it is better not to cause even minor surface damage from a penetrating meter, we can use a non-penetrating meter instead. For example, we would use a non-penetrating meter on plaster or drywall, rather than risk piercing it with a penetrating meter.

We use thermal cameras to measure the temperature across the walls and ceilings of your condo. Temperature differences can indicate moisture's presence and let us track the movement of water throughout your living space. This helps us see where we need to examine more thoroughly.

We use thermo-hygrometers to measure the relative humidity in the air. As well as measuring humidity in the affected area, we also measure the humidity of air:

  • In unaffected areas
  • Outside your condo
  • Exiting the HVAC system
  • That has been processed through dehumidifiers

Comparing different air readings helps us determine whether drying is working and whether we need to make any adjustments.

What happens after monitoring?

When we are satisfied that the mold situation is under control and your condo is dry, we deodorize your space. Condos are typically smaller than houses, so thorough deodorization is key to leaving your home "Like it never even happened." Some of the tools we use during remediation, such as air scrubbers and microbial cleaners, help with deodorization. We can also add odor-eating pellets or spot-clean stubborn areas of upholstery. We might also use thermal foggers or ozone machines if necessary.

For mold remediation you can rely on, call SERVPRO of Dunedin / Palm Harbor South at (727) 793-1333.