What our Customers say...


Our house is older so when the electrical lit on fire we were scared of what came after.  Although replacing the electric was difficult, SERVPRO made it easier by helping clean the fire damage and saving much of our stuff.

I’m an artist and all my work got wet when the sink in my studio (garage) broke.  With SERVPRO’s help I was able to recover much of my work and you can’t even tell they were ever in harm’s way!

After the storm I had to figure out where to move my family, how to file the insurance claim and how to clean my home of all the damage.  A friend recommended SERVPRO, and I’m so glad I called them.  The team literally helped me with EVERYTHING and we were able to move back into the house fairly quickly.  If you live in Florida you should keep SERVPRO on your speed-dial to deal with the rainy season.

Our warehouse runs on a tight schedule and any disruption affects the whole operation.  Someone recommended SERVPRO to help restore it after a minor fire and it’s the best advice I ever got.  I now keep their number handy and share it with others whenever I can.

I have now recommended SERVPRO to two of my friends.  When your home is at risk, you need to rely on the people who know what they’re doing.  I saved myself a lot of time and anguish by letting the crew come in and fix all the damage.

My husband thought he could fix the damage by renting equipment from the hardware store.  When this didn’t work, SERVPRO came to the rescue!  We saved time and a lot of headaches by relying on such a knowledgeable team.

Some things should be left up to the experts.  Restoring your home after a fire is one of them.  Don’t cause more damage by using your own cleaners, instead call SERVPRO and let them do what they do best.  You won’t regret it.

In business, time is money.  SERVPRO understands this and works fast and efficiently.  Thanks to them our situation was short-lived and we were back in business pretty quickly.  I recommend you call them to help protect your investment.

The storm was so strong that our backyard flooded and made its way into our house through the kitchen door.  There was water and mud everywhere! We called SERVPRO because we worried about water under our cabinets. The team came with special equipment to reach under baseboards and make sure we were in the clear.  Pretty impressive!

A water leak from my upstairs neighbor soaked my wall. SERVPRO came in, replaced the drywall and dried everything around it.  Super quick and easy, I highly recommend their services.

I had one of those moments when you’re happy you called an expert for help. I had seen an odd spot on my wall and was going to paint over it, but decided to have it checked out.  It turns out it was mold and it was spreading.  Thank you SERVPRO for being so good at what you do!

I run a doctor’s office and we couldn’t afford to be closed for long.  SERVPRO helped clean everything while keeping us operational by separating the damage from the rest of the office.  The team knew that time was of the essence and we are grateful for that.

An aromatic candle lit our curtains on fire and it all went downhill from there.  When the firefighters left, a friend recommended we call SERVPRO.  Best decision ever!  Now we recommend them to OUR friends all the time!

I first called SERVPRO because I couldn’t figure out which equipment to use to remove the damage in my home.  When I saw all the tools and machines they use I knew I would’ve never done a good job on my own.  Thank you for all you did to protect my house.

We thought the Florida humidity was damaging our carpet, but then we realized there was a leak in the master bath. The SERVPRO staff helped us clean and disinfect the surrounding area and even checked the rest of the house.  Very thorough in what they do.

The restoration of our home was complicated, and we knew we needed to call someone who knew what they were doing. SERVPRO was exactly what we needed.  Anyone who ever needs an experienced group should call them for help.

When my microwave exploded and fire traveled through the walls, I thought we would have to move out of our home.  Your fire crew helped us sort through the debris and cleanup our kitchen with us still living in our house.  Thank you!

All our friends and neighbors were dealing with damage after the storm so we called SERVPRO to help us out.  Not only did they arrive quickly, but they helped us save some pictures and documents we thought were lost forever. We recommended them to our friends who were still dealing with the damage long after we were done.

A leak in my crawlspace made my hardwood floor bubble up.  SERVPRO came in with their drying equipment and made it settle back down.  After thinking I was going to have to replace all of it, their work made me and my husband very happy.

My little coffee shop is the neighborhood spot so restoring it after a bathroom pipe burst was urgent.  SERVPRO arrived quickly and had my doors open again very soon.  I now sing you praises to all my customers!

We knew the water damage was extensive, but didn’t know how much.  We called SERVPRO and immediately felt in good hands.  They checked everything and took care of the humidity problem.  This is why hiring a professional is sometimes better than trying yourself.

The damage to my home was overwhelming, but SERVPRO helped me look through everything, fix what could be fixed and toss whatever was beyond help.  Thank you for being careful with all my stuff!

A storm caused a branch to fall and break a window letting water, leaves and trash into my home.  SERVPRO arrived quickly and cleaned everything up!  They even helped us patch up a wall that was soaking wet.

My business caters to tourism, and every second I’m closed is money I’m losing.  SERVPRO helped me get back up and running in no time at all.  My neighboring businesses were as impressed as I am!

When I read that SERVPRO leaves your home like nothing had happened, I was skeptical.  Now that they have worked on my house I know that it’s true!

Quality work and very reasonable pricing.

Would never have imagined that our home and our things could be saved, but it all looks as good as new and there are no smoke odors whatsoever.

Art knows his stuff. This is the guy you want to work on anything in your house.  He is skillful and very respectful.

The workers were on time every day and were very polite. They worked quietly around us which allowed us to stay in business and didn't miss a beat. There is not the slightest odor remaining so they did an excellent job.

I can't say enough about Art and his team.  He was honest as the day is long and gave me a fair price. His team worked fast and made it look easy. Thank God for people like this who know what they're doing, because this was a real mess and they did a wonderful job.